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So Phil Mickleson has entered, and won, his first two Champions Tour events. As the winner of the first two events he’s played on that Tour, Smilin’ Phil has tied a previous record held by Bruce Fleisher (1999) and Jim Furyk (also this year).

But take a look at the stats Hefty has piled up in his six rounds on the Geriatric Tour.

Stroke Average: 65.0. The Mick has shot 61-64-66-68-66-65. Ernie Els is the current leader in stroke average on the Champs Tour, at 68.29 over 34 rounds, and the Tour average is 70.97.

Average Driving Distance: 311.7 yards. John Daly is the stat leader at 298.7 yards, and the Tour as a whole averages 276.0.

Greens in Regulation: 79.63%. Els is the Tour leader at 77.61%, and the Tour is down at 67.81%.

2.85/3.67/4.33. These are his average scores on par 3s, 4s and 5s. The current Senior Tour leaders are Jerry Kelly on par 3s (2.92), Bernhard Langer on par 4s (3.88) and Robert Karlsson on par 5s (4.40).

Driving Accuracy: 56.79%. Furyk’s Tour leading stat of 68.29% is better, as is the Tour average of 70.97%. But Lefty is hitting fairways with more accuracy than he did on the PGA Tour this year (54%), last year (50.77%) or the year before (52.91%).

So the Old Mick is doing quite well for himself playing amidst the Seniors. Pocketing a lot of cash. Could set a few new records. He won something over $300 grand last weekend. To do that on the regular Tour, he would have had to finish in the Top 8.

Where will he play in the future? Hey, those gambling debts don’t pay for themselves, you know.

Is patrick reed a cheater?

It’s official. Patrick Reed is the most hated man in golf. The Boogeyman. A Russian implant.

Does he deserve this reputation? Good question.

Reed’s troubles began at the University of Georgia. As a freshman member of the Bulldogs’ golf team, there was an incident at a qualifying event for a collegiate tournament. Reed reportedly hit a drive into some deep rough. There was apparently another ball in the same area of rough, closer to the fairway and in a better lie.

The story goes that Reed prepared to hit that second ball when his teammates confronted him, telling him that wasn’t his ball. He is said to have pleaded ignorance, saying it was an honest mistake. He has strongly denied any intent to cheat, then and now.

Then, apparently some items went missing from the UGeorgia locker room: $400 in cash and some other things. Reed’s teammates allegedly blamed Reed for the theft. Again, he has vehemently denied any involvement. And no proof has ever surfaced indicating that Reed was the culprit.

Finally, Reed ran afoul of alcohol and the law: twice he was arrested in Athens, Georgia for public intoxication. The second time he was busted, he tried to keep it secret from his coaches. They found out. Reed left Georgia, enrolled at Augusta State and helped them win Division I titles in 2010 and 2011.