Golfweek has called Bartlett “the Dick Francis of golf.

His entertaining, inside-the-ropes takes on the world of professional golf as seen by golf writer Pete Hacker could only come from a writer well-versed in his craft and the sport. Bartlett has probably written more words about the Royal & Ancient game than anyone in the world.

Superb mysteries combined with excellent story telling and memorable characters make the Hacker Golf Mystery series a popular hit with readers everywhere.

If it bleeds...it leads!

Golf writer Hacker is now TV golf broadcaster Hacker with a sweet new gig on a national network.

As he learns the ins and outs of televising golf, the bodies begin to pile up.

So as Hacker gets ready to broadcast the PGA Championship, he’s gotta figure out who’s killing the network guys, one by one.

There oughta be a rule against…murder!

Change is in the air as the U.S. Open returns to bucolic Pebble Beach on the Monterey Peninsula.

Newly married and just laid off, Hacker finds the celebrity owners of the Lodge at Pebble Beach fighting a corporate succession battle. 

As usual, Hacker has to avoid danger, uncover the truth, and watch the U.S. Golf Association make the golf course as difficult as possible. Does that include making it deadly, too?

It’s Open season in St. Andrews …duck!

Hacker and Mary Jane are in Scotland for the Open at St. Andrews. But a dead golf official sets off a chain reaction, with Russian mobsters, stuffy aristocrats, Mi5, an alcoholic caddie, an anti-golf professor and even a flamboyant American developer creating a Royal & Ancient mystery for the ages!

Someone is taking dead aim at Augusta!

Ahh…the Masters! Golf’s most prestigious title. The harbinger of springtime.

But this year, they find a body in a bunker on the 10th fairway at Augusta National and when Hacker and the rest of the golfing world arrive, there’s a mad chase to find a drug cartel assassin who may or may not have a connection with the club.

Talk about a drama filled back nine! This is a Masters unlike any other!

Who gets the trophy for being dead?

When a friend invites Hacker to a long weekend of fun at a private country club outside Boston, he leaps at the chance. But a body turns up in the cart barn, and Hacker spends most of the tournament trying to figure out who had the motive and opportunity to do the evil deed. Even the Boston mob gets involved in this case!

Who said girls always play nice?

Who said girls always play nice? Doing a favor for an old friend, Hacker agrees to cover an LPGA event in Miami. There, he finds that one of the Tour’s stars holds an unhealthy degree of control over the Tour and its players. When he begins to dig in, bodies turn up everywhere and his own life is threatened before the explosive final round!

Dead? Sorry…add two!

The novel that introduced golf writer and sleuth Pete Hacker. Covering a Tour event near Charleston, South Carolina, Hacker befriends a young up-and-coming pro. But when the man is found dead, Hacker has to dig through a cast of characters that includes a beautiful young golf groupie, a drug-dealing caddie and a strange Bible-thumping chaplain. And soon, Hacker’s own life is in danger!