A Cinderella Story

Sophia Popov, a 27-year-old German ranked 304th in the world, won the Women’s British Open on Sunday by firing two weekend rounds of 67-68.

If you watched her final round on Sunday (I did), you saw a golfer in total control of her game, her emotions and the elements.  Despite a bogey on the first hole, she hit almost every fairway, almost every green, and putted like an angel was sitting on her shoulder.

It was a great performance in the circumstances and I hope she goes on to win a lot more. The women’s game needs some new heroes and some new blood. Remember the name: Sophia Popov. She’s got game.

One thought on “A Cinderella Story”

  1. UPDATE: Normally, the winner of a major championship is awarded a five-year exemption to the LPGA Tour. Not this time. Because Sophie Popov was not a member of the LPGA before winning the British Open (she had been playing off-and-on on the various satellite tours), the LPGA decided to give her a one-year exemption, though the end of 2021.

    We have one word for the LPGA on this decision: boooooooo!

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