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Hacker’s now a TV announcer, but his debut at the PGA Championship is interrupted when some of his network colleagues start getting murdered! It’s the first Rule of TV: if it bleeds, it leads!

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The Hacker Golf Mystery Series

open case of death cover

There oughta be a Rule against ... murder!

At the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, there are narrow fairways, deep rough, slick greens … and dead bodies! The USGA’s gonna need a new Rule book.

It's Open season in St. Andrews ... Duck!

A body in the Bottle Dungeon sets off an Open Championship like no other, this one involving Russian mobsters, Mi6, the landed gentry and even a flamboyant American developer. 

Someone's taking dead aim at Augusta.

There’s a drug cartel assassin loose on the streets of Augusta, Georgia.  And there’s that annual Rite of Spring called the Masters. Wonder how that will work out?

Who gets the trophy for being dead?

Just a fun weekend of golf at a friend’s club, right?  That was before the  body in the cart barn and some Boston mobsters with mayhem in mind.  Play away, please. 

death at the member guest cover
death from the ladies tee cover

Who said girls always play nice?

Hacker doesn’t usually cover the LPGA Tour. And he may never do so again, not just because he finds they’re a vicious group, but because someone’s actually gunning for him.

No free drop...if you're dead.

In the novel that launched the Hacker Golf Mystery series, our hero covers a Tour event in Charleston and encounters a bunch of unsavory characters. At a golf tournament!